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Randy Friedman, Founder & President

Seven Travel LLC plans and organizes all the details for you.  All you need to do is pick the trip that works for you and get ready to have fun!


Bring the kids.  Bring the grandparents.  Bring a smile and get ready to see your kids engage with other kids and make new friends.  And while they are at it, you can meet other parents and have a great time as well. 


Your kids will love the independence while playing, skiing, hiking, with other kids while building self esteem and making new friends.  You will enjoy watching your kids grow before your eyes and having a blast.  It's a win-win!


Come join Seven Travel LLC for your next weekend adventure!


Seven Travel is the brainchild of Randy Friedman, Director of ski and travel adventures for over 25 years.  With two young children of his own and a passion to share his love of skiing and the outdoors with family and friends, Seven Travel LLC was born.

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